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Brief: To create a brand new website to help increase visibility.
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Quillations Main Objectives

Charisma Caddington Portfolio Showcase

Design and Create New Website

1) Use company colours throughout
2) Crisp and clear design
3) Call to action buttons to gain clients

Who is Charisma Caddington?

Charisma Caddington are a local unisex hair salon based in the village of Caddington.

They serve the local community and surrounding areas.

The salon has been open since 1987, and has been going strong ever since.

What Did We Do?

Charisma Caddington approached Quillations to design them a website to help showcase their business to the local customers.

They gave us a colour scheme of Black and White, and supplied the relevant photographs they required.

Charisma also wanted us to create a separate page with a photo gallery, so they could show their clients what styles they can provide.

Quillations looked at the colour scheme provided, and implemented a blue colour to help the site stand out that little more.

By adding a shadow to the price list, we created a fast website which not only looks good, but functions well. 

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