Build Date: July 2023
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Brief: To redesign the existing website to make it more User Friendly. 
Number of Pages: x5 pages

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Quillations Main Objectives

Shaun Howard Wedding Photography

Redesign Existing Website

Optimise For Search and UX

Who is Shaun Howard Wedding Photography?

Shaun Howard Wedding Photography are a company based in Bedfordshire.

They provide Hybrid Wedding Photography for your special occasion.

Their website focuses on the work which Shaun can achieve, to make your wedding day the best it can be.

What Did We Do For Them?

Shaun Howard Wedding Photography had an existing website, which required improvement to make it stand out.

Quillations Website Design started by condensing existing pages, and adding them to the Home Page.

This helped with the UX (User Experience), by improving how quickly customers can access information which they require.

We kept the initial text the same, but improved on the Search Engine Optimisation to help the site climb through the rankings.

The existing website wasn’t built using WordPress, so Quillations transferred this to the platform.

We then helped improve the speed and performance of the website, which will help with the overall rankings.

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