Build Date: February 2022
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Brief: To build a brand new website to customers brief. 
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Quillations Main Objectives

VW Holistics Website Portfolio

Build New Website

Optimise For Search

Who is VW Holstics?

VW Holistics is an Holistic Therapy company based in Bedfordshire.

They provide holistic therapies within a peaceful environment.

From Aromatherapy to Body Exfoliation, Vickie Wood can help you relax!   

What Did We Do For Them?

VW Holsitics’ had an idea of how they wished their website to look.

This included a unique design for their main menu.

Quillations were asked to add a static side menu on to the website.

This was not an easy task, as it meant having to design a brand new code to enable a side menu on the desktop, and move this to a static top menu on tablet and mobile.

However, as usual, Quillations managed to get this sorted for our customer!

We styled the website to the clients specific colours, and added relaxing images within the background.

With a mixture of internal links and anchor links, we made the website easy to navigate.

Once we had the basics down, we begun the task of optimising the website for the search engines.

The final stage was to make the website live, and index with both Google and Bing.

Our customer was very happy with the final outcome, and so were we!

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