Website Hosting For WordPress

Ensuring you receive a fast website hosting company for your website

Website Hosting is a must if you want a website!

But with so many on the market, it can get quite confusing as to who to go with.

So why not take out your hosting with Quillations?

Using a third-party website host, we ensure all aspects of your hosting are taking care of.

We include a CDN as standard, and fix any server issues which may occur.

Domain Name, Web Hosting, Email Storage

WordPress Hosting

Making your WordPress site faster and more secure

By purchasing your website hosting through Quillations, we will ensure your site is as fast as it can be.

Using a third-party company, we make sure everything is taken care of.

So should there be an issue with the hosting company, Quillations are here to sort it out.

This saves you having to keep an eye on your website.

Domain Name

The main focus of your business

Without a domain name, you have no website!

There are options for a free domain name, but this is something we do not recommend.


Because the search engines don’t like them! 

We can either choose the perfect name for your business website, or give you guidance as to what will work.

You can read our post on how to choose the perfect domain name if you are unsure.

Content Delivery Network

Commonly known as a CDN

With every website hosted using Quillations, we add a free Content Delivery Network platform for you.

This helps speed up your website, and gives an extra level of security.

We monitor this for you, and resolve any issues which may occur.

Email Address

The finishing touch to your website

Why have a domain name without a corresponding email address?!

By taking out Quillations Website Hosting, an email is included as standard!

Once set up, we will guide you how to get this transferred to the email provider of your choice.

We also provide unlimited email forwards, allowing many different email addresses for your domain.

Purchase Your Website Hosting

Get your business noticed online.

You can receive all of the above for a Yearly price of just £80.56 – or a Monthly price of only £8.72!

If you have a website currently hosted with another company, this cost also includes the transfer of your website, and pointing of your domain name.

You may find cheaper hosting companies out there, but remember:

The cheaper the cost, the slower the website.