Should I Use Adwords

Should you really use Adwords in 2020?

Quillations takes a quick look at the Pro’s and Con’s of Googles Pay Per Click system, to see if it will really help.

So if you are a small business or simply thinking of signing up, please continue reading…

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What Is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising platform.

It allows you to advertise your website on Google for Keywords which you choose, in order to get to the top of the search results.

You set a budget, choose a keyphrase, create a text advert, and direct your customer to your website landing page.

You then get charged for anyone who clicks on your advert.

Is It Worth Using Google Adwords?

There are many pro’s and con’s when it comes to using Adwords.

By going through our lists below, it will allow you to decide if it is worth you signing up.

We compare Adwords Pro’s and Con’s with and investment in traditional seo within our lists, and use the same Keyphrase throughout.

Ranking For Keyphrase Using Adwords


So you want to rank for the Keyphrase Window Repairs.

By using Google Adwords, you can PAY to be at the top of the Search Results instantly.

As of 09.03.20, the cost to rank for “Window Repairs” is around £5.00.

With a budget of £25 Per Day, your advert can be clicked on 5 times

However, if your advert is not clicked on, you will always be shown at the top of the results.

By investing in SEO, it will take at least 6 Months to rank, with no guarantee of being in Page 1. 


Everyone wants to be at the top of Google, so your competition will always be watching.

If they see that your website is at the top, all they need to do is place a bid of £6 for the phrase “Window Repairs“.

This will then move them to position 1 – dropping you down.

If your competition has a larger budget, you will eventually end up being priced out.

By using the traditional SEO Methods, you will end up spending less, and be able to tweak your efforts to get to the top without being priced out.

Speed Of Editing Campaigns with Google Ads


Say you are running a campaign for a week, and have only received 3 link clicks.

By looking at this data, you will be able to change your campaign next week.

By monitoring on a daily or weekly basis, you will be able to spend your money wisely.

You will be able to see what is working quickly based on these statistics.

Find something works better than something else?

Change it, and see the impact instantly!

With Google Adwords, you can keep up with what is happening, and stay on top.


You have to have the time to monitor your campaigns.

Let us say you have set a budget of £50 per day, and a campaign of £10 per link-click.

This will show your advert 5 times.

Now let’s say 5 people click on your ad, but don’t convert as it wasn’t what they were actually after.

You would have just spent £50 on nothing, and not have your advert shown again until the next day.

But if you are not monitoring this, you will no doubt run the same campaign for the entire week.

Eventually you would have spent £350 on a failed campaign.

However, by investing in an SEO service, you will have someone else able to monitor organic SEO for you.

Yes it will take at least 6 Months to find out some data, but the cost is a lot smaller.

And once you reach the top, the effort to stay there will reduce. 


If you have the time and budget to maintain a great campaign which produces results, then Google Adwords could be for you!

But – if you cannot afford to spend every day checking on results, monitoring competition, and watching the cash flow, then it isn’t.

Personally, Quillations does not use Google Adwords.

We simply don’t want to spend the budget which is required to get a short-term fix.

Our time is best spent growing our business organically, as well as giving us more time to monitor our clients websites..


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