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SEO for your website is the be all and end all ranking on search engines, and with a quick guide you should be up and running in no time.

It is fundamental that you get this right, otherwise your website will not be found.

Read on for Quillations Quick Guide on how to ensure your WordPress website is up to scratch in the best way…

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Search Engine Optimization For A WordPress Website

It can be very intimidating for a business with a new website when it comes to SEO.

Some companies who design their sites, will not include Search Engine Optimization for free.

Some – like us – do.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult to get it right.

This article will focus on the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress, and how you can complete this yourself. 

Step 1: Write Your WordPress Content

The first thing you should do is write the content you wish to have.

Write what you want to write about first, as I personally believe it is easier to edit your content to fit SEO in, rather than incorporate it during writing.


Because if you are trying to follow rules too closely when writing, the content will not flow correctly. 

This will also help WordPress guide you to where you need to improve on your SEO. 

Step 2: Find The Focus Keyphrase For Your SEO

This is the search term people will input in to Google or Bing to find you.

Use Googles’ own Keyword Planner to help choose which keyphrase will help your website.

Another useful tool is Neil Patels Ubersuggest, as this will show you which keyphrase is easiest to rank for.

For this post, we will use the Focus Keyphrase of “doggy day care“.

It is perfect for SEO, as it has Low Competition, but gets around 10K – 100K searches per Month on average.

Step 3: Fill Out Your SEO On WordPress

The next thing to do, is head over to the “edit” link on your post / page in WordPress.

It will bring up the Yoast SEO panel, which should start out blank.

The first thing you want to enter in this, is the Focus Keyword you have chosen.

For us, it was doggy day care.

Now, if you scroll down to the SEO Analysis and click the arrow to the right, it will give you a drop down.

This is where you will see a traffic light system, and let you know how your SEO is doing.

WordPress SEO Quick Guide

Step 4: Complete The Quick Guide For SEO Which WordPress Shows

This analysis will quickly guide you to where you need to add your focus keyphrase by using a traffic light system.

Don’t have it in your title?

Add it.

Do you need to add it to more subheadings?

Then add them!

It is also important to remember to add your keyphrase in your alt tags for images – but the plugin will tell you this anyway!

It really is that simple!

One thing to remember though: 


Search engines don’t like what is called “keyword stuffing”.

They will actually penalise your ranking for this.

In order to make sure you are not adding your keyphrase for the sake of it, read your content aloud.

Does it flow correctly?

Does it make sense?

If so, then it is fine.

If your content reads something along the lines of “at our doggy day care center, our doggy day care team will look after your doggy…” then stop!

This is just annoying to read, and will certainly ensure your website is never found.

Instead, only add it where it makes sense – and where it flows smoothly.

Step 5: Run An SEO Check

So you have now managed to get all of your SEO fitted within your content.

This should now set you up nicely to be ranked in the search engines.

But you should run a quick SEO check to ensure it is fully up to standard.

This is a 2 step rule:

  1. Ask a friend to read your content before you post it.


    Before you post anything, ask someone to read it first.

    Ask them to give an honest opinion if your content makes sense.
    If they will give you feedback on how to improve, then do it!

    Once this is done, you are ready to publish.

  2. Run a free SEO check online


    After you have gone live, request a free SEO Health Check to make sure the search engines will understand your content.

    Sites like SEO Sitecheckup will give you a comprehensive guide to how your website will perform on the search engines.

    Or you could request a company like us to run a free check, and give you advice on how to improve.


Hopefully you have found our quick 5 step guide on how SEO useful.

It gives you quick and simple look at how to ensure your SEO is correct.

Require more information, or want Quillations to check out your content?

Then please head over to our Health Check Page, and fill in our form.

We would gladly help.


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