What Is Included In Our Web Packages

The standard features you will expect to find with our website packages

Our cheap website design packages are designed to give you the best website possible.

Ensuring the best start to your business website, we include the below as standard.

This is on all of our website design and website redesign packages.

Included In Our Web Packages

Included In Our Web Packages As Standard

Giving you quality value for your money

WordPress Website

All of our websites are designed using WordPress and Elementor.

Both of these are designed for fast and effective website designs, and have a wide variety of plugins.

Should you wish to maintain your website yourself, you can rest assured that these 2 work in unison together.

Responsive Design

A lot of websites which were built Years ago, may find that they are suffering in the search rankings.

Without a Responsive Website, you will suffer within the Google Rankings.

Quillations makes sure every WordPress website we create is responsive.

We start by making a mobile friendly website, before moving on to the tablet friendly version.

Once these are completed, the desktop version is altered.

By focussing on mobile first, we can ensure the best responsive WordPress website for our customers.

Custom Design

Unlike some website designers, our web packages do not use templates.

We install the Hello Theme on all of our websites, which does not contain any codes.

By using this theme, it saves unnecessary codes, making sure your website is as fast as possible.

It also means that each design is customised and unique.

Social Media Integration

Like any business, you should have social media platforms you use.

We will take the links for these, and integrate them on to your WordPress website.

If you wish to have a Facebook or Twitter feed you wish to have installed on your website, we can do this for you.

We will also customise any social icons, to fit in with the design of your website.

Structured Data Markup

In order to help your website rank within the search engines, Quillations adds Structured Data Markup to all of our website designs.

This will help with local search rankings, as well as any review markups you may have.

It gives you a good chance of gaining Googles Rich Snippets, and climbing through the rankings.

Search Engine Indexing

What is the point in having a website if it cannot be found?!

Quillations makes sure every website we design is indexed in both Google and Bing.

We will also add Google Analytics to your site, which will be accessible through the backend of your WordPress site.

From here, you will be able to see how well your website is doing.

Search Engine Optimisation

All of our websites are optimised for the search engines.

We will research which keywords are effective for your business, and incorporate these through your content.

Quillations goes for “low competition” keywords, to ensure a rapid growth of your website.

And by taking out our Maintenance Package #2, we will keep an eye on how this keyword(s) perform.