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For years, the website design business has continued to grow.

And for years the monopoly has been with the bigger design companies who dominate the top of the search engines.

But this needs to change.

In the following article, you will see who has the best website design business and why.

You may just be shocked with the results.

So before you decide to go with a website designer from Page 1 of Google, it is time to do a little research…

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What Makes A Good Website Design Business?

Before we delve in to who has the best website design company, it is important to understand WHAT makes them the best.

Is it the look of their own website?

The speed of their own website?

Or does it come down to their clients website designs?!

Well simply put – it should be all 3 factors!

Website Designers Own Website Look

If a website designers own website looks cluttered and confusing, then the following 2 questions should be asked:

  1. Does the designer understand UX (User Experience)?
  2. Does the designer understand about “above the fold” content?


If the designers own website is clear, and the user experience is satisfying to yourself – then you are on the right track.

If you cannot find what the designer can offer you quickly, then move on.

A good website design business will have a website of their own which should be 100% focused on getting the right information to you quickly.

The other thing you need to look at, is that all of the website pages flow with the theme.

If different pages are laid out differently, the it shows that the website designer has not thought about their own business identity.

And if they haven’t thought about their own, would they really think about yours?

The main things you should look for on a website designers own site are as follows:

  1. User Experience – how easy is it to navigate where you want to go?
  2. Above the Fold content – is everything you need to know, show as soon as the page is loaded?
  3. Does the companies identity and design flow through their site – are all the pages laid out in the same style? 


Speed Of The Website Designers Own Site

Now this should be one of the main things a website designer should get right.

A fast website is always ranked higher in Google than a slower site.

Now don’t get me wrong – there are many other factors involved.

But there is a great article to show why fast websites are important.

Statistically, you have just 15 seconds to grab a potential customers attention, so if the majority of that time is spent loading your site, it could result in a lost sale.

So if a website designers own website doesn’t load quickly, it may mean that they do not have this understanding.

Or it could mean that they have spent more time on the look of a website, rather than balancing looks with functionality.

A Website Designers Clients Website

This is a difficult factor to really judge too much.

If a clients website is slower than most, it may be down to the server they are using.

But it may also be down to how the backend of the site has been created.

A good website designer should be able to guide a client to the best website host to use, to ensure the best speed.

They should also be able to design a slim-line site, whilst adhering to their clients brief.

So the only way to really judge how good a website designer is, is to gather a collection of their clients sites.

If the majority all function quickly, and all look good – then they know what they are doing!

If some are slow but look good, or are fast and don’t look good – then that may be down to the client.

But a good website design business will be able to point customers in the right direction, and succeed more often than not.  

Website Designers Clients

Who Are The Top Website Designers On Google and Bing?

Now you understand what makes a good website design business, it is time to see who RANKS as the best.

It is important to understand at this stage, that just because someone is at the top of the search engines – it doesn’t make them the BEST.

It could mean that they have the money, years of experience, and a whole team behind them.

As an independent business, it may be hard to get near the bigger companies.

It isn’t impossible – but it isn’t easy!

The majority of internet users will not look passed the front page of Google, and so by them clicking on the same companies all the time, Google will see them as the favourite.

And because of this, they will stay at the top!

So let’s look now at the top 3 website designers listed on Google and Bing:

Googles Top 3 Website Designers

Search Term: Website Designers UK

Top 3 Organic Listings (Website Companies Only):

  1. Web Creation UK
  2. Smarter Web Company
  3. Red Website Design


Bings Top 3 Website Designers

Search Term: Website Designers UK

Top 3 Organic Listings (Website Companies Only):

  1. Web Creation UK
  2. Red Website Design
  3. Total Creation


So What Does This Tell Us?

There are 2 main website design businesses listed at the top of both Google and Bing:

  • Web Creation UK
  • Red Website Design

So what does this mean?

Are these the best 2 website designers who can create you the best website?

We have taken the time to do a little research on both of these, and will show you the results.

But before we analyse the results – and in the interest of fairness – we will talk you through the process we have used.

This process can be carried out by anyone, and results can be checked.

Our Process To Find The Best Website Design Business

In order to carry out our research, we ran the following tests on both website design companies using these free online programmes :

  1. GTMetrix
  2. Site Check – Fix Runner
  3. Google Rich Results Test
  4. Dot Come Tools Website Speed


These programmes will show how well built the websites are, and where improvements can be made.

So let’s start our tests:

Note: All links below will open up a new TAB for you, so you don’t lose where you are!

Test 1: Web Creation UK

Step 1:

  1. Load GTMetrix
  2. Under “Analysis Options” on the right of the screen, select the following:
    1. Test URL In “LONDON, UK
    2. using “CHROME
    3. with “BROADBAND FAST (20/5 Mbphs, 25ms)
  3. Enter the website URL  “” and press the “Analyze” button.

Note: Always use the exact URL which loads when you click on the companies website on Google/Bing.

Step 2:

  1. Open SiteCheck
  2. On the URL Tab, add the following to the URL address: / and hit enter.

Step 3:

  1. Open Rich Results
  2. Enter the URL “” and press “Test URL

Step 4:

  1. Open DotCom Tools
  2. Scroll to the bottom, and only select “London” from the test locations.
  3. Scroll back to the top, and input the URL  “” and press “Start Test
  4. Once loaded, click on the number underneath the words “Lighthouse” – This will open up another TAB on your desktop.

Step 5:

You should now collate these results in a spreadsheet.

Here is what you want to make a note of for comparisons:

  1. GTMetrix
    1. PageSpeed Score
    2. YSlow Score
    3. Fully Loaded Time
    4. Total Page Size
    5. Requests
  2. Site Runner
    1. SEO Grade
    2. Usability Grade
    3. Performance Grade
    4. Security Grade
  3. Rich Test Results
    1. Mark what rich results there are (if any)
  4. DotCom Tools Website Speed
    1. First Visit Time
    2. Second Visit Time
  5. Lighthouse Report
    1. Performance Score
    2. Accessibility Score
    3. Best Practice Score
    4. SEO Score

You will then want to click on the “Progressive Web App” and make a note if the page is fast enough on Mobile Devices. 

For the website Web Creation UK, the results collated are as follows:

Web Creation Test Results

For now, you need to keep these results to one side, as we need to run our second test.

Test 2: Red Website Design

The tests are exactly the same as we have just performed, but using the links below for Red Website Design:

GTMetrix =

Site Check = /

Rich Results =

DotCom Tools =

(Scroll Back To Steps)

In order to save time, we have added these test results to the spreadsheet, which now shows the following:

Test 3: Our Own Website -

Finally, we run the tests on our own website:

GTMetrix =

Site Check = /

Rich Results =

DotCom Tools =

(Scroll Back To Steps)

Our results are show below:

Who has the best website design business?


Looking at all of the results, you will see that statistically, Quillations are the best website design business online.

But due to the fact we are a small business, we do not have the larger budgets to plow in to our business.

This makes it harder for us to get on to the first page of Search Engines!

But the results speak for themselves…

So before you jump on the first website designer you find, please check out smaller local businesses.

You may just find that we are better than the big boys! 


There are several things to look for when choosing the best web design business to work with.

  1. Recommendations
  2. Check Out Their Social Media Accounts To See If They Are Active
  3. Look At Their Portfolio
  4. Run Background Website Checks

Take a look at our Blog Post on how to choose the best website designer for your small business for a more indepth look.

Cost is always dependant on what you require.

A good website designer will know the best course of action for you, and should not charge you for things you don’t need.

A decent website should cost you between £300 – £1000!

There are always several factors to look at however, and will always depend on your website designer.

Take a look at our blog on the cost of website designs in the UK for more information.

The main things which make a good website design are:

  1. Page Loading Speeds
  2. Responsive Designs for Mobile
  3. User Friendly
  4. Clear Navigation


There are other factors which make up a good design, but as long as your follow these basics, you are on the right track.


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