How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website In The UK

So you are wondering how much it will cost to build a website.

Expectations are that you can pay from between £75 per Year for a website design, all the way up to tens of thousands!

Please read on, and Quillations will help show you how much you should be paying for your website.

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Your Business Website

Are you launching a brand new business website, or having your existing site redesigned?

Which ever situation you are in, it can be overwhelming with the amount of website designers around.

You need to know which features you may require.

You need to know about your domain name and hosting companies.

But most of all, you need to know how much it costs to build your website.

By reading this article, Quillations Affordable Website Design will help make sure you don’t get ripped off.

So let’s get started.

The 3 Basics For Building Your Website

There are 3 basic building blocks for a website:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Website Hosting
  3. Content For Your Website


Each of these factors are required before you even start to build a site.

So let’s break each one down:

Domain Name

This is one of the most vital parts of any website design. 

The Domain Name (or website address), is your business identity.

It is what your customers will type in to the address bar of their browser to find your business.

Take a look at Quillations guide to choosing the perfect domain name here.

Price wise, you should be paying no more than £15 Per Year for your domain name if you get it yourself.

And no more than £20 if you get your website designer to handle this for you.

Be this a .com or, you should always try and ensure you don’t pay more than this.

And sometimes, you may even get the First Year Free with some website hosing companies!

Website Hosting

Without a website host, you will have no place to store your website.

A website is basically a collection of files stored on a computer – or server.

This server is constantly connected to the Internet, and runs 24/7.

The companies who own these servers are called Web Hosts.

Without a website hosting company, you will not have a website!

How much does it cost for a company to host you website?

Well this is where there is no set price.

You can get a website host for £100 for a Year, or you could pay up to £75 Per Month!

Don’t be fooled by some companies ridiculously cheap prices: You need to ensure the speed of their server is up to scratch.

Quillations will always recommend IONOS as a website host, as they have fast servers, AND a cheap price!

Content For Your Website

The final building block for your website (and something to factor in cost wise), is Content.

Content is anything from visual images, to the words which are written.

Now, you can write this content yourself which will cost you nothing but time.

Or you could outsource to someone else, which could cost anything from £100 upwards – depending on what you need.

The cost for having someone else write the content for you could sky rocket depending on the size of your website.

You will also need to make sure that your content is optimised for the search engines.

If you hire a website designer like Quillations, some basic content may be included in their costs.

All you need to do is ask, as each website designer is different.

Building Your Website Costs

The 3 Basics For Building Your Website

How much it really costs to build a website, comes down to the type of website you require for you business.

Some may require a simple 1 page website, where others may need 5 pages.

Below are a list of the 3 main website types a small business may require.

Brochure Style Website Design

This is a simple, 1 page website design, with possibly a couple more pages added as and when required.

A lot of small businesses do not require a massive website with hundreds of pages.

Fitter Furniture is an example of a Brochure Style website.

The links at the top, navigate their customers to certain “sections” on their front page.

An extra link leads them to their online shop at Etsy.

This type of website is suitable for tradesmen, freelancers, and other kinds of small businesses who run a service for people online.

Hospitality Sector Style Website Design

Restaurants, cafes, bars etc will require a larger website design.

They will require things like menus, maps, comments and reviews.

This type of website may also require the option to book tables or appointments.

The cost of building a website like this, is all dependant on which features you may require.

This will certainly be a higher cost than a simple brochure style site.

The Hungry Horse chain have a hospitality style website.

E-Commerce Website Design

The final main style of website is an E-Commerce design.

This is where you can sell items from an online store.

The cost to build an E-Commerce website will always vary on the amount of products you wish to sell online, but a lot of companies should offer you deals.

Quillations, for example, offer 10 Products to be added as part of our costing.

We also send a video to show you how to add your own products, and show you how to add your own seo for them.

Thor’s Paws is an example of a small E-Commerce website.


The average cost of a website in the UK will always depend on several factors.

A lot of website designers will not give you an upfront costing.

They require you to contact them first, before you know how much you need to pay.

At Quillations, we like to be 100% upfront with you.

There are NO on-going costs unless you purchase our Add On Packages.

What you see, is what you pay – unless you require a bespoke package!

Working out the average cost of building a website, Quillations has found the following:

Hosting: £100 Per Year
Domain Name: £15 Per Year
Website Design: £298 On Average for a Basic Website Design

As an idea, aim to add on around £60 – £80 per additional page.

For example:
If your website designer charges £300 for a 1 page design, a 4 Page should not cost more than £540.


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